About Us

About Us

Unity for Change - Together, Stronger!

Welcome to Unity for Change Foundation, a vibrant organization devoted to empowering lives through the essence of Hinduism. We believe in the transformative power of unity, embracing the rich tapestry of Hindu wisdom to create positive change in communities and individuals.

At Unity for Change Foundation, we are driven by the ancient principles of Hinduism, which advocate for inclusivity, compassion, and the pursuit of knowledge. Guided by the core values of love, service, and respect for all beings, we aim to build a world where unity prevails and where everyone can thrive.

Our foundation is deeply rooted in the teachings of Hindu scriptures, such as the Bhagavad Gita, the Upanishads, and the Puranas. These sacred texts serve as our guiding light, inspiring us to nurture spiritual growth, inner harmony, and a sense of purpose in the lives we touch.

We embrace the diversity of Hindu deities, each representing unique facets of divinity and cosmic energies. From Lord Shiva’s cosmic dance symbolizing the eternal cycles of creation and destruction to the compassionate embrace of Goddess Amman, our devotion to these divine entities inspires us to cultivate virtues and embrace positive change.

Through various programs, such as medical camps, educational initiatives, and social awareness campaigns, we actively engage with communities to address their needs and foster sustainable development. We firmly believe in the power of education to uplift lives and ignite change, which is why we are dedicated to promoting adult education in remote villages and establishing schools that nurture holistic growth.

Our Vision

To build a world united by Hindu principles, promoting compassion, inclusivity, and knowledge, fostering harmony and transformation in every heart.

Our Mission

Empowering lives through Hindu wisdom, fostering unity, and creating positive change in communities through love and service.

Our Theme

Embracing oneness, igniting change: Uniting hearts with Hindu wisdom. Empowering lives, and fostering unity. Together, we spark transformation.

Our Motto

Transforming lives and inspiring unity. Embrace change, and empower together. Igniting impact, fostering hope. Unite, thrive, and be the change.


Trustee A. N. Joseph Gloria Educational Trust

Emeritus: Correspondent Group Of Britannia Schools

To Expand Minister In God's Law. To Preach In Continents

Centers and Activity in CMSEAMT

+ Sunday School together (Boys & Girls) conducted in Ten Centers in Remote Villages Youth living together
(Boys & Girls) conducted in Ten Centers in Remote Villages
+ Men’s Assembly conducted in Ten Remote Villages
+ Women’s Assembly conducted in Ten Remote Villages
+ Bible Men Assemble to pray and counseling in Ten Remote Villages
+ Bible Women Assemble to pray and counseling in Ten Remote Villages
+ Prayer Cells are created in each streets at different Remote villages
+ Elders will monitor the Prayer Cells in different Remote Villages
+ Lay Leaders conduct Worship centers in more than Ten remote Villages.
+ Free distribution of tracts about Jesus Christ in more than Ten Remote villages.
+ Free distribution of Gospels Books and The Bibles about Jesus Christ in more than Twenty Remote Villages
+ Missionaries together will visit Twenty five Remote villages.
+ Evangelists – Evangelize and Preach the Gospel for Twenty five Remote villages
+ Pastors to conduct Sunday Worship Services in more than five Remote Villages
+ Supervisors to control the Bible Men and Bible Women, Lay leaders, Missionaries together to submit the reports, Through Supervisors.
+ Elders watch Prayer Cells in the street and submit the report
+ Superintendents to manage, Worship center, Sunday Schools, Youth Gathering, all kinds of Assemblies and submit the reports.
+ The Bishop, to control, receive and scrutinize all kinds of reports from Men and Women Assemblies, Bible Men and Women, Prayer Cells, Lay Leaders, Evangelists, Missionaries, Supervisors, Elders, Superintendents and Pastors.